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Patriotism vs Partisanism

Patriotism vs Partisanism When did we go from a country full of patriots and become a country of partisanism?  Our patriotism has been slowly eroding away by greed and power.  When we started out, we were a “country first” country.  … Continue reading

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Journey, Purpose and the meaning of life

  The fact that we our on a journey, suggest to me we are trying to get from one place in our life to another place in our life.  To me that suggest that we are trying to improve or … Continue reading

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The current state of American politics

Disclaimer:  I used to consider myself a Republican.  I do no longer want to affiliate myself with any party. I thought about starting this post sharing the first scene of the first season of “Newsroom”, a HBO Drama.  I will … Continue reading

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Project O – Article #22: Susan Irene Fox – California, USA (Scheduled for 9-6 @ 06:00)

As one of my followers, I encourage you to read Susan’s submission to this project.

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Planet Fitness: A judgment free zone

To be honest, this probably should have been the first link I added.  This place is a major reason, I am where I am today.  If it had not been built a little over two blocks away from my house, … Continue reading

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McDonald’s, Subway, Walking Dead, say what?

So last week, my daughters asks me to take her to McDonald’s before school, because she would like a hash brown.  I say okay.  I get a Sausage McMuffin and a hash brown.  As I am eating, I notice the nutritional facts on the … Continue reading

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