Yans – Conquering the World

I don’t remember how I found Yans blog, but I do remember that when I got there, I was touched by the openness and transparency of this woman.  As someone who tries to do this for you, my readers, whenever I see someone else also doing it, I am drawn in.  So I knew I wanted to introduce people to this wonderful woman.  You can find her blog, here.

A couple months ago John asked me to become part of the family. I was new to blogging and thought it cool that someone had noticed my blogs and took interest in me for simply being, well, me. I tried multiple times to sit down and write my introduction but always ended up with a jumble of thoughts on who I was, where I was, and what I wanted. I didn’t know what my journey was and what I was in search for. All I knew was that I was in constant search for happiness and answers to the person I was becoming. As the summer passed and school started I still hadn’t written anything for John. Unsure why me, of the many people that he comes across, I asked him why he considered me. He said my honesty.

Again, all I knew was that I wrote when I felt. I wrote when I was full of emotions, whether good or bad.

I’m not perfect, nor do I try to portray that. I learn for each day’s lessons. I appreciate the small things in life and live for moments of pure bliss. Like every other human being, I come across days that are harder to get through than others. I’m no one special and can’t give you the answers we’re all searching for, as much as I would like to. I’m just an ordinary girl in good ol’ central California who’s learned to count her blessings. Why? Well, why not? It makes life and finding happiness that much more easier.

I write from the heart. I write to express myself.

My blog is my journey as I venture through this thing we like to call life. I believe that some of the smallest things in life can also be some of our biggest blessings. Each day is an experience and opportunity to learn something new about myself and/or the world around me. One of my old History professors would always end lecture by saying “..now go out and conquer the world.” Since then, I’ve also made it my closing statement. I would tell my students, sorority sisters, fraternity members, my family..honestly, anyone that I walked away from, to “Conquer the World.”

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but I’ll take it for what it is, the good and the bad. This is my journey. I hope that along the way you can learn a thing or two from my life’s experiences and if not, at the very least, take with you how beautiful the world is and all that it has to offer. I welcome you to conquer along as I venture out in hopes of finding happiness and all that my heart desires.

Conquering the world.


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2 Responses to Yans – Conquering the World

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  2. Yans, “some of the smallest things in life can also be some of our biggest blessings” is the key. As long as you continue to believe that, you will continue to be a conqueror!

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