Jessica’s Journey: The Happy Rating

I would like to introduce to you Jessica Long.  I have known Jessica since my days at Philadelphia College of Bible.  She has a wonderful heart and she has a passion for people reaching their goal to be healthy.  Even though it might be her job, it is not about the money.  She is a truly caring and loving person.  So it is with great joy, I give you Jessica Long.

Happiness Rating

I think I used to have a pen-pal when i was a kid. I can’t remember. I started a diary, I do remember that, but I never kept it up to date. I found it once, and was almost embarrassed when I saw the curly cutesy cursive handwriting. I used to think that handwriting said a lot about a person, and personally I wasn’t too proud of what mine looked like. I guess that’s why I don’t use cursive anymore. What a quitter, right?

When I step back, I haven’t finished much to say the least.  I enjoyed college to a point, consequently, didn’t finish. I have, I mean, I had a good job but wasn’t happy. My happiness rating was about a 6, and then March 29th 2011 happened.  I didn’t even see it coming, couldn’t prepare, couldn’t brace for the impact, nothing. How could I be ready for something that would change my life forever?

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia lowered my happiness rating to about a 2 or 3. How could I be happy when every move I made was painful? I wasn’t unfamiliar with the name; a close family member has the same thing. I knew what it meant for me and I was devastated. I spent the same amount of time at my chiropractor and massage therapist office that I did at home.

Visalus entered my life late 2011. I was very skeptical but ultimately what did I have to lose? My happiness? Weight? Okay. I had never thought of myself as one who needed to lose weight. Sure, I had gained weight after having Caitlin, but I never saw it as detrimental to my life.

I was feeling like taking a risk and decided to become a distributor as well as a customer. I’d never done something like this; it was completely up to me to make it work.  I couldn’t rely on anyone or anything to be successful. Literally, NO excuses.  I did my part. I dialed into the calls, talked with my team, but most importantly, used the product.  How could I convince anyone this was worth doing if I didn’t believe it myself? Would you?

So, you wanna know my results? In pounds, 36.  This is important, only because it took the weight off my joints, which in turn took the pain away. I haven’t seen a chiropractor or massage therapist since mid to late 2012. But the best results? My happiness. Knowing I have hope; knowing I can do something about my pain, my weight, my surroundings, everything.

So with focusing on how it helps me, my happiness rating has risen to 8 easily, with no sign of stopping.  I tested my limits and found yes, I do have limits. I found when I do not take care of myself, I have distinct fibromyalgia pain.  I put the connection together; Visalus=no pain. No Visalus=pain. It’s very clear to me.

My point is whether you use Visalus, begin juicing or just eat healthy and exercise, whatever, your happiness is most important. Your motivation is all dependent on your why. My why is my daughter. I talk about my why hereOnce you focus on why you want to be happy, it all falls into place.

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