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When I started this blog, I was opened up to and invited into a new community of the world of bloggers.  One of the first blogs I found and followed was Project Light to life.  In this blog Christine writes about accomplishing her bucket list and encouraging others on their bucket list journey.  I have found her blog to be very inspirational and a good read.  My favorite post of hers was paying for someone behind me at the drive thru line.  She is also having her first giveaway sweepstakes, so be sure to check it out.  I am so happy to have her tell her story on our page.  I hope you will take time and visit her blog.  I have added a link at the bottom of the page, so that you can find her page when ever you want.

PLTL #1                               PLTL #3                              PLTL #2

Although I have always enjoyed writing bucket lists, a quote that inspired the premise behind Noelle Hancock’s book My Year with Eleanor and the book in general taught me that nothing is impossible: “Do one thing every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

In her book, Noelle literally does one thing every day that scares her, after she is laid off from her job right before she turns twenty-nine.

While, through my bucket list blog, I don’t always pursue activities that scare me, Noelle’s book is an inspiring way to teach us that sometimes, pursuing goals we don’t think we can follow through with can result in some of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

Even before I started a bucket list blog, I was obsessed with the idea of creating and crossing items off bucket lists. Just as Noelle began to conquer both small every day fears and larger ones, as I grow older, I have began to realize that we are all just people, and we shouldn’t turn something down just because we fear that we can’t accomplish the goal.

I recently interviewed an old teacher of Keith Powell, who played Toofer on the show “30 Rock”; his teacher said that what he loved about Keith was that he always said yes to things. I’ve began to notice that with age, I too have gotten better at saying yes to things and am really enjoying the opportunities that come with this new ability.

I’d always wanted to start a blog that documented my bucket list adventures, but a number of fears prevented me from going through with it: having a blog like this one might appear self-absorbed, if I gave up after a certain time period, I’d be disappointed, I’m not very good with HTML and computers in general, etc.

Even so, I tried to push aside these fears. Adding the “Kind Acts & Volunteering” bucket list to my site has been an exciting way of documenting my goals, while helping other people along the way.

Starting the bucket list blog has been a great experience so far. Seeing my goals officially posted in website-form has pushed me to follow through with them. Thanks to both my bucket lists and blog, I’ve done stuff I might not have tried before such as starting and teaching creative writing classes for children at local libraries, taking a train to New York by myself for the first time to try a new restaurant with a friend, swimming with dolphins, driving a quad, and leaving inspirational sticky notes in public places.

Although, as a college student, I haven’t been able to explore many extravagant bucket list goals, I’ve enjoyed pursuing everyday smaller activities just as much as some of the larger ones. Creating a bucket list blog in which I help people cross items off their bucket lists, while documenting my journey to do the same has been a blast. Pursuing these goals shows me that anyone can do the same and have a lot of fun in the process.

At the risk of sounding cliché, I think that thanks to my blog, I’ve met a ton of wonderful people and found a community that I really enjoy being part of. I’d like to thank John for giving me the opportunity to share my journey, while he too focuses on his own journey.

Working harder at saying, yes to things and not letting fear get in the way has led to a lot of new opportunities and I hope my blog encourages even just one other person to do the same.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this John 🙂

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