Bill Moore: Arrested Developement

Bill Moore

As my blog began to grow fairly quickly, I wanted to share journeys of other people.  One of the first names I thought of was Bill Moore.  I knew his journey was powerful and he had a great heart.  So I quickly started to pursue that possibility.  I met Bill at our job at the local casino.  Bill has also agreed to host a new section on this blog called Tips from a trainer.  That is going to be awesome, so be sure to check that out.  With out further ado, i give you Bill’s journey.

I picked up my daughter one night after work.  Pull up to my apartment, park up and I notice Kayley is sleeping. I get out of the car, planning to come around her side and carry her in.. Next thing I know I hear screaming and I see a gun pointed at me, being told to lay down!  The officers were not in uniform which made me think I was being robbed… I’m in handcuffs, completely hopeless, beyond any sadness I’ve ever felt, being questioned by the police!  I was being arrested for selling drugs.  Turned out, I went home that night.  It was in that time I took a real look at myself and who I was becoming.  I was 325 lbs, addicted to drugs, sold drugs, a good loving father, always went to work…  Ya know, I was a good guy, and an asshole.. I didn’t obey the law and got caught.  I abused food pretty much my whole life.. I ate until I was in severe stomach pain at every meal!  I wasn’t living a life of possibility.  The incident with the police really woke me to what I really care about in my life.  I thought back to seminars I previously attended through Landmark Education, so I registered into a seminar!  We had to create a game.  I created the game of losing 30 lbs in 10 weeks..  After accomplishing that, I turned it into 100 lbs by the end of the year.  Little by little, I learned more about nutrition and exercise!  I was consistently losing weight!  At the end of my game I lost 97 lbs in one year!  Since then I’ve done things like a “juice cleanse”..  I’m currently taking on a 60 day cleanse!  It wasn’t always good though.. I lost my job at Parx, 2 weeks before Christmas.. I had court and had to face a judge looking at 3-12 months in jail.  Isn’t it ironic, my real breakthroughs came from the problems that occurred as life ending!  After court, I call my dad and tell him the good news of getting off with probation.  I tell him I feel like going to the bar to celebrate with a beer.  Celebrate by going to the gym, leave it all out there, he said!  Words that forever shifted my life, he created who I am for him and for others.  I have a certificate for personal training and would ultimately love to take that on as a career!  Who I am is that you win at whatever game you’re up to!  My passion is that kids are educated about proper nutrition!  We as a country should be ashamed of what we’re doing to our kids!  Ahhhh different rant, WAKE UP people! I stand for a healthier planet and being a contribution any way I can!

Create your journey, everyday!

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