What is in my food?

2012-07-21 22.21.16

Everyday we put countless things in our mouth, some edible, some not.  Since we live in a fast pace world, a lot of the times we don’t bother to look at what we are really consuming.  My goal is once a week, to help you out and provide you with a nutritional fact.  Is there a fact you would like to have posted, then let me know, and I will do my best to post it.  If you are out and about and see something that would be cool to post – take a picture (make sure the nutritional facts are visible) and send it to me at jsamt99@gmail.com.  When sending photos, please give a description of why you choose it.  Thank you!  I think this could be real fun.

Nutritional Facts:

Tastykake Raspberry Danish Twist      Wraps Vs Rolls      Iced Coffee      French Fries

Mac & Cheese      Sausage Vs. Bacon      Fast Food Salads      Chef Boyardee      Greek Yogurt

9 Responses to What is in my food?

  1. X says:

    I know that food you are showing above won’t do anybody any good!!! X

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