The Body

My journey at the gym began on April 5th 2013, when I joined Planet fitness. I remember going to the gym a couple of times when I was a kid but it was a handful of times and what I mostly remember is wallyball. So When I walked in that day, I was clueless about the equipment. When I first walked in the person at the counter showed me how to use the cardio machines. Since I had no clue what I was doing, I tried to do each machine except the arch trainers. what was the outcome: here is my Facebook post the next morning:

Just got done first workout, 10 min bike – didn’t like, 20 min treadmill – liked, 10 min,on olymipical – not bad but rough, my heart max at 153, which I talked to who worked there was higher than I should be maxing out at which is 146.4. So might try olyimpical again because it worked me out the most, but I look like I need to stay mostly on treadmill, because it is best for me right now

I know I spelled elliptical wrong, but for integrity sake, I kept it how I did it. When I did the elliptical that night I must have stopped and started every 30 seconds to a minute. I decided to do the treadmill first. My thought was this: what can I do for 20 mins without stopping. Because I thought I always heard 20 mins a day is ones goal. So I didn’t like the bike at all, no way I was doing 20 min. I didn’t like the treadmill but I could do that for 20 mins, so possibly. Elliptical I liked, it felt like I got the most out of it, but there is no way I could do for 20 min. So I came to the conclusion that I would try to do the treadmill for 30 minutes and then give everything I had on the elliptical.

By the 9th of April I was doing 30 min on treadmill and got up to 12 min on elliptical without stopping. By the 16th of April, I did 30 mins of treadmill and did 20 mins on elliptical I did my first mile on elliptical. By the 21st I had the elliptical up to 25 mins and could see a full hour on the horizon. April 27th, I completed my first hour of cardio.

Recently I got tired of the treadmill – So I decided to do the elliptical for a full hour and did it. I have been doing that since except for the last week. I have been doing a little over 4 miles on the elliptical in an hour. There are two reasons I havent been doing that the last week. I felt a little sore in my hamstring area, so I just wanted to give it some time to heal. The other reason was that I have been wanting to start strengthening my body also. So this has given me a reason to work on that. It worked out really good because my best friend in high school just happened to be off this week and we have been working out together and he is showing me how to use the various non cardio machines.

In May, I took advantage of the free personal trainer and the design your own program at planet fitness. First importantly he said working out when you are not doing anything about your way of eating is counter productive. He suggest talking to a nutritionist. And he is very into doing things naturally (like juicing – fruit and veg) instead of replacement shakes or protein bars. (sounds like a great topic to come). He was impressed with what I was doing, gave me some cool advice, like going forward and backwards on the elliptical which I started doing and that even when I do start strength building that I should still be 30 mins of cardio. He gave me some paperwork which at some point I will scan and attach. The other thing he did was yell at me every time I said the word try. He said get that out of your vocabulary. Try is the beginning step to failure.

Basically what I have learned is that everyone is different – If you are going to start your own cardio program; try each of the machines choose what you think you can do for a sustained amount of time. If you prefer to do something else, you can always build your way up to that. Find a speed that you can handle. You want to push yourself (intensity) but not at the cost of shortening your length (endurance). Once you can establish a good endurance you can vary the intensity to build and continue to build a good work out. For me it is about pushing myself. I most likely got to learn to be more patient. But I am on my way. And the journey continues……

1 Response to The Body

  1. Jovanny Padin says:

    Hey John,

    Keep up the good work. I admire your desire to continue to push yourself. Believe me, the payoff is well worth it. I know our schedules conflict but whenever we can meet at the gym I certainly will.

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