Who am I and how and why the journey began

(Updated 02/09/15)

My name is John. I am 39 years old. I am married and have three daughters. I have been overweight for most of my life. Even though I am over-weight, I have always gotten a clean bill of health. No matter how much overweight I have become, I never really felt fat. I felt skinny, except when I would look in the mirror or see or hear some of the reactions of other people. I wasn’t in denile, I just felt like I could do anything. I didn’t feel like my weight ever kept me from doing anything, I ran full court basketball for hours at a time. I was always very athletic. Since college I became less active and started for the first time to feel the weight have an effect on my life. But mentally, I still felt skinny. Maybe a little denile then, because I started not to be able to do the stuff I used to be able to do. My children were born and I started to know that I really had to change because I want to be able to walk them down the aisle at their weddings, but still deep down I didn’t feel fat. Maybe a little more denile. Then in 2011, on my 10 year wedding anniversary, on my way to Vegas I am pulled to the side and told I had to buy another seat and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to travel. That was the first time in my life I was really, really embarrassed to be me. That will always be a moment that I remember. It still wasnt enough to get me to change. That Christmas while playing the Wii with my family I passed out. I went to the emergency room, clean bill of health except for my asthma. Still not enough. Well about a 2 months ago I passed out again. still clean bill of health except for my asthma. I realized I am heading down a path that is leading toward death.

I have always loved soda, particularly Mountain Dew. I would drink it when I woke up, all throughout the day, when I was about to go to sleep, when I woke up in the middle of the night. I remember when I was a teenager walking to 7-11 a couple blocks by my house, on the way home I drank a 2 litter of Mountain Dew. So I always knew I had an addiction to soda, specifically Mountain Dew. Many times in my life I have tried giving up soda, for better living. Every time ended in failure. I would make it for a while, but I would end up back needing the caffeine and sugar. But on Aug 4th, 2012 (another moment I will not forget) I decided to never drink any soda again. And I have not had a drink of since. This is where my journey began. What I learned in that moment was that no matter how hard you try, until you are ready to decide to do something you will always fail. In that moment I decided to change my life, not tried, decided. Once I learned this lesson. Changing was never so hard. From Day 1, I have never craved soda.

Once I kicked the soda habit, I knew I needed to work on another part of me. I also knew I had to be ready to completely change. I knew that deep down I wasn’t ready for that yet. I had to wait, but not another 36 years. But in the meantime I had to prepare myself for that change and that is what I attempted to do. Well 2 months ago while playing poker with my brother and friends I passed out again. So I scheduled another appointment with my doctor but the week leading up to it I made a deal with my wife to eat salad for dinner for a week. I basically did. The previous couple of weeks, i have seen a Planet Fitness being put into a local strip mall two blocks from my house. So I had been contemplating my next move on my health journey. So I go to my doctors appointment. I was exactly the same weight I was last year, despite giving up soda. I was pretty depressed. I thought for sure I would have lost something, anything. So I had two options – let that get me the best of me or except that my life is still better without soda and keep on improving it. So I tell my doctor that I quit soda and was eating salad for I week and he almost died of a heart attack, not really but you get the jest. I also told him that I was thinking on joining a gym. He thought that was a good idea. So the next day me and my wife joined Planet Fitness. My first workout was that night. I have been working out about 5 nights a week (except when I was on vacation). I will write another page that details my time at the gym.

If you have followed me on this blog you will know that in 2013 I lost nearly 50 pounds and I shared my story on this blog as I did it.  I injured my foot and spent over the next year in pain.  I finally found out the cause and got some injections and the pain went away for a while.  But I could not get restarted on living healthy again.  I want to get my life back in order and hope you will follow me on my journey.

And the journey continues…..

14 Responses to Who am I and how and why the journey began

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  2. John, I am so proud of you! Not only for stopping the cycle within you, but for putting in down into words for everyone to see! I look forward to seeing your transformation!

    • John says:

      thank you, I at some point want you to write an article for this blog at what you do and the journey you are on. I know you have a lot to offer and I think it would be a great addition to this blog.

  3. Debbie soupik .......coworker at parx says:

    John….be strong…anything is possible if you really want. Thanks for sharing your journey and I wish you all the best…..just hang in there. giving up is the easy part . You are a survivor…Just Do IT!!!!!!!!

  4. Vici Porcelli says:

    John, you CAN do this. You WILL do this for your girls. Go John Fletcher… you are the man!!!

    • John says:

      Thanks Vici – I would really like you at some point to share your journey on this blog. I know you are also on a great journey and I think it would also be a great addition to this blog. You are the woman!!!! You truely are a great friend.

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  6. Thank you for following our blog. We sincerely appreciate your support.

    -Marpay Fitness

  7. G’day from Australia! What a great start to your journey – you can do it mate! I’ll be following (and cheering) from here. Keep going!!

  8. Fit Journey 50 says:

    Good luck in your fitness journey. I look forward to reading about your progress.

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