For A Friend – The Mark Lanzilotti Project

I was talking to a friend today at work and she was asking how do you get information out so that everyone can see it.  I told her through social media and blogs.  She has posted it on her Facebook page but didn’t have any other social media to expose it to her.  I told her that I would gladly post it on my blog.  She is trying to help get clemency for a young man she knew.  I am not posting this and asking that you support this cause, but what I am asking is that you take a  look at the link below and read about this man and make up your own mind about whether or not you want to support this project.  I asked that you also pass this along on your social media sites and ask people to make up their own minds.  Thank you for taking your time and looking at this.

P.S. She also told me that if you do sign the petition – you will be directed to another page asking for donations, but you do not have to give.

I have never asked anyone to re-blog any of my post, but to help my friend spread this word –  if you are a blogger, would you please consider re-blogging this on your page.  Thank you so much.


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    Please take a second and read

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