Patriotism vs Partisanism

Patriotism vs Partisanism

When did we go from a country full of patriots and become a country of partisanism?  Our patriotism has been slowly eroding away by greed and power.  When we started out, we were a “country first” country.  In 1961, John F. Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  I believed while we might have lost some of it, we were still a patriotic country.  But things where starting to decline.  I am  38 years old.  I remember when we thought the office of the President and sacred.  When we disagreed about issues, but in the end would come together for the better of the country. When 9-11 happened I thought it regained some of its patriotism that was lost but that was only temporary.

Today we care more about “the party” then the country.  We don’t even care if we are right, as long as “the party” wins.  And win by any means.

Again when I was young, the media and entertainment sector would not bash the current president.  Even though people disagreed with the president, they respected the office too much to dishonour it.  When George W. Bush was in office all that seemed to change, I never saw the attacks on a current president like what I saw with him.  And people wonder why there are personal attacks on Obama.  It goes both ways.  I don’t know if we will ever see that reverence for the office again.

When I grew up, my parents and other people I knew voted on principles.  Today it is the one button “party” vote.  People don’t care about issues, they just care about which there side is taking.  We see this in all the flip-flops by the candidates.  It has become ugly.  Everything about politics has become kill or be killed.  Our future is not pretty.

The tea party was an absolute failure, but that first week before they became the tea party is our hope.  (I know I lost almost 90% of you because I said the two dreaded words – tea party.)  In that first week before they became organized, they were a grass movement.  A group of Americans that were fed up with where things were and were willing to stand up for America.  Then they became an organization and lost what made them special.  But when Americans get fed up and bond together, nothing can stop them.

So that brings us to you.  Do you like where we are going?  Do you like the current status of american politics?  Nothing will change, if we do nothing.  I don’t have all the answers.  But if you want to change the current status of American politics, stop fighting for parties.  Stop defending because they are part of your party.  Become independent.  If more than 50% of all americans drop their party affiliation it would send shock waves through american politics.  Vote out people who have been in office forever and do nothing.  They get away with doing nothing, because we demand nothing.  When we start demanding and hold them accountable, then they will start acting better.

I hope you will join me in wanting patriots over party partisanism.

and the journey continues….

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