The current state of American politics

Disclaimer:  I used to consider myself a Republican.  I do no longer want to affiliate myself with any party.

I thought about starting this post sharing the first scene of the first season of “Newsroom”, a HBO Drama.  I will post it at the end instead.  It is one of the greatest bits of tv I have ever seen.  I wish Jeff Daniels was a real character, because I think he would kill everyone involved in this current situation.

What is going on right now is more than ever the reason why I can’t stand american politics.  Both sides are posturing and blaming the other side.  Who is suffering?  The american worker.  The news stations are no better, they used to be unbiased.  But now, they only care about whatever agenda they have.  So your information is tainted and slanted.  All you hear, is who is to blame and why you should blame this party or that.

Our government has failed us.  Our media has failed us.  Our President has failed us.  No one truly cares about the american people.

I much as I was against “Obama Care”, it is here to stay.  ( I am for everyone having access to healthcare, I just don’t think it should be mandated and supplemented)  Get over it.  This is not the time to fight it.  You look like fools and giving yourself a bad name.  And when you cave, you will look like a bigger fool.

And I sorry, last election was a referendum that you are right.  If your Democrat, yes they re-elected Obama, but also re-elected a house majority for the Republicans.  And that means the same for Republicans.  They re-elected Obama.  So all the public said was that neither party was right.  They also didn’t want either party to have all the power.  But they are both so blinded by greed, and power, they don’t see it.

Stop blaming each other and get’er done.  Both the Senate and Congress should not be able to leave and go home.  It should be mandatory for each and every person to be there.  And no elected official should be on the clock until this is solved.  In fact, there should be fines every day it is not settled.  The President should not be taking side or worrying about hurt feelings.  He is supposed to be the leader of our nation.  Start acting like it.

I am sure that when the founding fathers envisioned the nation they were starting, this is exactly what they had in mind ( I am being sarcastic ).  In fact, isn’t also sad that the founding fathers were patriots.  They fought for our freedom.  What does our current leadership fight for?  Whose agenda are they fighting for?  Are they fighting for their party or for the American public?  What do you think?  You wont like my answers.  But is it too late?  I hope not.  I love my country and I wish the best for us.  It is time for us to grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats.  It is not the United States of Democrats, it is not the United States of Republicans.  It is the United States of America.  Is America the best country in the world?  No, But it can be.

As I promised, here is the clip.  It is 8 mins long.  It is worth watching.  The first 3 mins is an example of what I am exactly talking about.  At 3:15 the question is America the greatest country in the world is asked.  And you don’t want to miss the response.

and the journey continues….

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