Health update: insane in the membrane

In a week, it will be time fo my six-month check-up for my journey.  My original goal was 50 pounds when I started this journey.  I was doing so well, I decided to raise my goal to 65 but after a tough month/month and a half, it is back to 50.  I know, I have not posted enough lately about my health journey and I apologize for that.  I will do my best to do better with that.  Now that I am getting this blog situated,  I hope that my focus is going to really be about healthy living.  It all starts with my head, that is where I win or lose the battle.  This is why it is mind, body and spirit.  Because physically (body), nothing is holding me back and mentally (mind), I really want this.  But it is my determination (spirit) which is fighting against me.  I need that “me vs the world” mentality which has seem to have left me.  And I need it back.

I was hoping to be able to work out numerous times during the week, but it looks like the most I will be able to do is 2 times.  And that is if I don’t end up having to take care of some other pressing business.  But the good thing is I have someone to workout with once a week.  My good friend, Bob.  It has been two weeks and it was really good today.  I will workout again tomorrow.  I hope this really jump-starts my engine.  Thank you everyone for your support.

and the journey continues….

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