My good friend Debbie!

I started at Parx Casino about three years ago.  I was brand new to the casino business.  The games I first learned were Pai-Gow Poker and Four Card Poker.  Which meant I spent the first eight months dealing almost exclusively Pai-Gow Poker.  That is where I met Debbie Suppa.  She quickly became one of my favorite floors.  She became my friend.  Debbie ever since I knew her was always proactive in supporting cancer research.  She even did the Susan G Komen 3 day walks.  When Valley Forge Casino opened, along with a lot of good people Debbie left Parx.  It was a sad day, because I would miss my friend.  It would always be a treat to see her at the various functions that dealers have.  (When you become a dealer, you enter into a sacred family.  Even if we no longer work together, we do not forget each other).  I just recently found out that she has found out she has pancreatic cancer.  My heart goes out to my friend and my prayers are with her.  Debbie will always have a special place in my heart.  I will treasure all those days spent having fun while dealing Pai-Gow with her.  I am sharing a web page where people are trying to raise funds for her here.  I also am sharing a picture with info for a benefit being thrown on her behalf.  All I ask is that you keep my good friend in your prayers.  Thank you.

and the journey continues….

Debbie Suppa

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2 Responses to My good friend Debbie!

  1. phil from philly says:

    shocked at the news..Deb is a fighter and this will be beaten down! millions of your friends are praying for you.

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