In a couple of post I have talked about K-Love.  Recently I even shared about how listening to K-Love and a Mandisa  song, helped me and gave me strength.  You can read about it here.  Well I would like to share about a family I know.  They listen to K-Love with their kids.  I have heard the kids singing christian songs without being asked to sing. Why?  Because they loved the music.  Instead of singing about a lot of the worldly things that little kids should not be exposed to, they were singing about how great God is.  Their favorite artist includes Toby Mac, Newsboys and Mandisa.  K-Love is a beacon of light at their house.  I have seen what a great impact a wholesome radio station can have.  K-Love is a listener supported radio station and tomorrow October 1st starts their fall pledge drive.

Like I always do, I will be completely honest with you.  I have listened to K-Love for a couple of years now, and yes I have not supported them as of yet.  There are multiple reasons why, one of which is money and I don’t like making promises that I can not fulfill.  But God has really laid it on my heart, that this is important.  So after carefull prayer, I will be supporting K-Love this year.  All I ask is that you consider and pray about supporting a ministry that allows kids to sing songs that will help them grow up with a positive attitude of loving God and each other.  And a ministry that God can use, even when your on an elliptical looking to give up.

You can donate by calling 1-800-525-LOVE or visit K-Love.

K-Love is located all across america, the station that is I listen to is 89.5 Cherry Hill, NJ

Thank you.

and the journey continues…..

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