Thank you Susan for nominating me for the 6 Award

A couple of days ago, I got an email from Susan Irene Fox.  That name might sound familiar due to the fact that I just shared her journey here.  When I shared her story, I did it because I really was inspired by her, I did not expect anything in return.  So the email was a real surprise.  The email went on to tell me that Susan had nominated me with this Six Award, asking me to accept it and pass it along.  You know me, I just got to do it.

6 awards

First, let me first say thank you to Susan Irene Fox.  You can find her self entitled blog here.  As I said in my introduction to her journey, when I found her blog and started to read her blog.  Her true spirit and transparency, drew me in and I was hooked and I believe you will be too.  So please check out her blog.

As part of the rules of accepting the award, I promised to respond to the simple questions below, and nominate ten others. The nominations are here: My responses are below because the nominations deserve more attention than I:

Here are my 10 nominations for this 6-Award. Thank you to these authentic, uplifting, Spirit-led, balcony people. I pray you, too, will accept and pass it forward:

1. David Donnelly @

2. Vicki @

3. Melissa T @

4. Yans @

5. Antony @

6. Bema Hartsock @

7. Charlotte Hoather @

8. Sharon @

9.  Joanne @


Questions to Answer:

Favorite colour? – Green (Die hard Eagles fan)

Favorite animal? –  Dog (my first pet – Rocky, saved my life a couple of times as a toddler)

Favorite number?  – 9 (Von Hayes was my favorite Phillies player as a kid)

Favorite nonalcoholic drink?  –  Used to be Mt. Dew, but now is water

Favorite alcoholic drink? – Rum and Coke or Malibu Bay Breeze

Facebook or Twitter? – Facebook

My Passions? – My God, My Family, My health and all of our journeys

Giving or Receiving Gifts? – Both 🙂

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9 Responses to Thank you Susan for nominating me for the 6 Award

  1. THank you so very much John, I’m honoured. Sorry I haven’t been around over the long weekend.

  2. Thank you John, I appreciate you thinking of me.
    Best wishes

  3. One Busy Man says:

    Wow John, thank you very much. Hadn’t really thought of myself as an inspirational character before so am touched to see you’ve seen that quality in my blog. Truly honoured.

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