My Rant: Project O – The Right to Opinion

I know I have already rebloged about this project before, but this is why I think this project is so cool, I have submitted my entry for this project and I hope you will too. If you (one of my readers) put in a submission please let me know. I will reblog mine when it comes out, but I will reblog any of my followers also. That is how much I like this project. Also I might be one of the people in general he is talking about, I will admit that when answering his questions, I was not taking into context those he speaks of. This is how we expand our minds. Again I suggest you take a look and consider this project.
and the journey continues,,,,,

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4 Responses to My Rant: Project O – The Right to Opinion

  1. Thank you for the great reblog and the kind words. I know my post was a bit harsh, but at the same time I think that is what is great about this project. Let us expand our minds together! -OM

  2. John says:

    As I said in my submission, This is a great starting point for a conversation that needs to be happening, I am glad that even before the submissions have been posted, the conversation is already starting.

  3. As am I! I also am appreciative of those spreading the word so we can get as diverse a group for this project as possible!

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