Bill Moore does skipping breakfast make you fat?

I usually don’t post multiple post, but I thought this was good.  Today on Facebook my good friend Bill Moore posted this following post, which created a nice discussion.  Please feel free to start our own discussion here.
Skipping breakfast or not eating has never made anyone fat!  Where do people get this information!?  If so, show me all the overweight anorexics, lol! Someone mentioned to me the reason she’s gained some weight recently is bc she doesn’t eat until lunch time.  In fact, she was sure of it!  I asked her what she drinks throughout the day and she mentioned a variety of store bought juice and soda at …work…  I was afraid to ask what she eats (when she does) lol— I’m not at all putting this person down, in fact she is really great!  I’m blown away every time though, how people, including myself at times, make this health thing soooo tricky?  Here’s my challenge!  For one week, write down everything that you eat, drink!  Everything, be honest, it’s yours, no one has to see it!  By the end you will at minimum be present and aware to what you’re eating, in the moment…possibly shift what you’re eating forever!  And you can’t just read this and “get it” as a concept, you actually have to do the work to have the experience!  Just my advice, now go do whatever you want with it!
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