Biggest Loser – Final Weigh-in

Final weigh-in for me for the biggest loser competition today.  Before I get into where I stand at the moment, let us look at the journey.  When I decided to do this competition, I didn’t know if the fact that I already started a health journey would have hurt or helped me.  I went into the competition thinking if I could lose 30 pounds, I would be happy.  Later I thought 40 was a better goal, with 50 being the ultimate gem.  After the first full week of competition, I was in 11th place and thinking that I most likely didn’t have a shot to win.  The fact that other competitors had the opportunity to drop water weight (because they had not been trying to lose weight before this competition) and some (not all) were going to basically either starve themselves or use supplements, was going to put me at a huge disadvantage.  But I figured that I was already on a journey and this could provide a little extra motivation.  Every week I started climbing slowly up the leader board.   With two weeks to go I had moved up to third place and I actually started to believe I was in this competition.  With one week to go, I moved up to second place and set my eyes on first place.

So the final week of competition is staring me in the face.  So I made the commitment  to finish this race (competition) strong.  So I had planned on going to the gym, twice a day.  45 minutes on elliptical each session and no weight lifting.  Pure cardio.  The guy in first place went on vacation and had to do his final weigh-in early.  So I knew exactly how much I had to lose.  Which gave me even more motivation.  Everything was on schedule until saturday morning.  My leg had been starting to hurt during the week but was not interfering with my workouts.  Well saturday morning, that changed – I was in pain all 30 minutes I did, and I couldn’t do anymore.  My workouts were done, I would try one more time monday morning, but wasn’t sure it would be a success.  I had already been contemplating limiting my calories on sunday to almost nothing, but this cemented the deal.  I ended up consuming a little over 620 calories for the day.  And I wanted eat anything solid that day.  And monday, I would also not eat anything until I weighed in.  

So what was the result.  People have weigh-in scheduled all the way up till friday, so I will not give that final number yet.  But this is what I will share.  To talk in golf terms, I am the leader in the clubhouse.  For those not into golf, it simply means that everyone who has finished (did their final weigh-in) I am in first place.  And from the information I know from the people directly behind me  I am confident that those who have been weighing-in on a weekly basis, I can not be caught.  What do you mean, for those who have been weighing-in on a weekly basis?  It was never written in the rules that you had to weigh-in on a weekly basis, so some people chose only to weigh-in in the beginning and the end.  So it is possible for someone to come out of nowhere and beat me.  I hope not, but there is nothing I can do about it.

So in the end, what does that mean for me.  I am very proud of what I accomplished.  I believe I finished the competition as strong as I possibly could.  I beat everyone that I knew how they were doing.  I can beat what I didn’t know.  But most importantly two things.  1) I did it the right way – No starvation, No supplements.  I did it with hard work (excercise) and control (portion sizes).   And I stayed with and beat people who did it the other way.  I did not harm my body at all.  2) This competition might be done but my journey isn’t.  I am a huge fan of Game of thrones and the night before my final weigh-in, I was given a gift of a Game of Thrones t-shirt.  And it was a XXL.  I don’t know when the last time I ever put on a XXL shirt.  A couple of months ago I was at Walmart and fit into a 3XL shirt for the first time in a long time and was shocked.  When I signed up at Planet Fitness I got a free XXL t-shirt, and I tried it on. It was a struggle to get it on and there was no way I would wear it in public.  I tried the Game of Thrones t-shirt on.  It was a little tight, but it didn’t look that bad on me.  When I weigh-in today, I did it in that XXL shirt.  I got a long way to go, but I realize I have also come a long way.

and the journey continues…..

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6 Responses to Biggest Loser – Final Weigh-in

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  2. valuelife2 says:

    I believe in you 🙂

  3. You’re doing brilliantly and it’s a privilege to do this with you John

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