Biggest Loser Updates

After my workout this morning, I was about 32 pounds down for the Biggest Loser Competition.  Which with two and a half days put me right around the top of the leaderboard for those who have been checking in, every week.  On my way out of work, I stopped by someone and asked them, if they were in the biggest loser competition (I had heard rumours that they were).  They replied yes.  I asked them how they were doing and they replied that they had lost 32 pounds and thought they could lose six more by the time weigh-in happened.  So that means more work for me.  I don’t know how honest they were being and I have no validity to their statement because they haven’t been checking in ever week.

So my goal is do a second workout tonight, and two the next two days and one more Monday morning,  And I will let the chips fall where they fall.  One thing I will know is that I finished the race as strong as I could and I did the best I can.  I hope I win, but ultimately I am healthier than I have been in a long time, so I have no complaints.  I will keep updated post on twitter this weekend, so follow me at for daily updates.

and the journey continues…….

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5 Responses to Biggest Loser Updates

  1. Whether or not you win the competition, and I believe you can, you are a major winner John!

  2. shoedooo says:

    Amazing, and absolutely inspiring. Even if you do not win the #1 spot you are still #1 to us here following you!

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