NF Fast Food Salads

NF Salads

So your family or friends want to stop at a fast food restaurant to pick up something to eat, or maybe your just out of time and think this is a quick solution.  Listen I know there is a lot of bad choices at fast food restaurants but I can always get a salad, right?  I was wondering the same thing, so I stumbled upon this web page, Find the Best, unbiased, data driven comparisons.   And I looked up fast food salads.  They have over 350 different salads listed ranging from 20 calories to I don’t even want to know calories.  Here is just a sample of what you can find.  And this is without dressing.

Salad                                                                          calories-sodium-fat-carbs

McDonald’s Side                                                                                      20  – 10  –  0  –  4

McDonald’s Premium Southwest salad w/ crispy chicken                    450  –  820  –  21  –  42

Quiznos Chicken Caesar Reg Chopped Salad                                        920  –  2090  –  63  – 39

Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt salad (includes ranch dressing)  510  –  1050  –  38  –  14

Taco Bell Chicken Ranch Taco Salad                                                       910  –  1740  –  55  –  71

Baja Fresh Tostada Crispy Wahoo                                                          1200 – 2140  –  61  –  111

Burger ( just to compare it to something)

McDonald’s McDouble                                                                           390  –  850  –  19  –  33

Just because something seems to be healthy, doesn’t mean it is.  Make the smart choices.

If you like this, make sure you check out our other nutritional facts.

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2 Responses to NF Fast Food Salads

  1. Donna Rohr says:

    Keep up the good work, John. Just a note on the McDonald’s Premium Salad, you can opt for the grilled chicken and your nutritional stats would be 290 calories, fat 8g, carbs 28 g, protein 27g and sodium 650 mg. Thanks for posting your personal journey, congrats on your progress 🙂

    • John says:

      Thank you Donna for that information. The list was not a complete list, just a sample of what is out there. And your right, you might be able to substitute items that will lower some of those numbers. Grilled chicken is always better than fried. Also thank you for those kind words.

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