New Transformation Pic Added

transformation #3

For my 51st post, I want everyone to know I added a new transformation pic to the transformation page.  I was finally able to drop 2 vest sizes and I have been adding a transformation pic every other ( pic 1 – end of month 1, pic 2 – beginning of month 3, pic 3 – beginning of month 5), so it was perfect timing to do another picture.    I had to drop 2 vest sizes because they didn’t have the in between size.  So it has been a while but something I was hoping for, because I was swimming in the other vest.

I can’t believe it is my 51st post.  It feels like I just started this blog, but 51 post, 14 pages, over 2000 hits, been seen in 17 countries, and here we are now.  What an adventure it has been and I look forward to where we will travel.

And the journey continues…..

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5 Responses to New Transformation Pic Added

  1. dmmd1983 says:

    Keep going John! I’m here with you all the way!

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