NF Sausage vs Bacon

bacon 2 bacon 1 sausage 2 Sausage 1

Sausage Vs Bacon

   We all been there, we are out enjoying breakfast with our family or friends and we begin to order and what question pops up?  Would you like sausage or bacon with that.  Above I put nutrition facts above,  Yes the 2 slices of bacon vs 3 sausage links is not a fair fight.  Sausage is more weight and content, so of course it is going to be more.  But I know it is just not about bacon vs sausage.  Bacon and Sausage are not just an either or choice, they also are used by themselves in many ways.  Bacon can be on top of a cheeseburger, pizza, etc.  and is an ingredient in many recipes.  And there is an outcry for Bacon, there is even bacon flavored bacon.  bacon is very popular right now.  And at 90 calories for two slices, I just wanted to let you know what you’re adding to any meal.  Sausage is also used on pizza and in pasta and in many other things.  Am I telling you not to have any of this, no.  Just make good decisions and if you must have them, sacrifice something else, like maybe dessert.

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5 Responses to NF Sausage vs Bacon

  1. andersonjoan says:

    Some people say eat meat, some say don’t eat meat. This article really opened my eyes to the better choices:

  2. I’ve given up bacon for Lilyday Turkey Day Starters. 25 calories per sluce

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