Biggest Loser Week 4 weigh-in

It has been a good week.  For the most part I felt like I stayed on schedule.  I got three to four workouts in, so I wasn’t slacking.  When i weighed myself at home this morning, I was down 5 pounds from last week and 40.6 pounds total.  So I was feeling good.  A couple good things happened this week and today.  First I got my first pair of workout gloves and I was happy to start using them.  Second I dropped another shirt size for my uniform at work, which puts me at 3 sizes total dropped since the journey began.  And lastly I tried something different today, I got up early and worked out at the gym.  I even got to see the trainer there which was an added bonus.  I liked it, fewer people.  For some reason my shirt was extra saturated with sweat, yet I didn’t do anything different.  And the trainer showed me how the do dead lifts ( I believe that is what it was called).  So I was pretty excited to go into work today and get weighed.  On their scale I only lost 3.8 pounds for a total of 21 for the competition.  I have two weeks left.  Last week I dropped to 5th place.  Of the four ahead of me I only know what 2 did.  One has a new total of 22 (which puts me only 1 behind) and the other is at 29 (8 behind).  Even though the numbers did not reflect the good week I had, I can’t be upset.  Two things I realize, first – as I continue to lose weight, it will get harder and harder to drop pounds because I am lighter than I used to be.  Which means, I have to do more and more work to lose pounds.  Second, because I am working out with weights, I am gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.  There is pluses and minuses for that.  It takes a lot of calories to build and maintain muscle, but muscle does weigh more than fat.

After 4 weeks of competition – I am still of pace to do my original goal of 30 pounds, but 50 is out of the question and 40 looks pretty much a long shot, but I haven’t given up hope on that one yet, because I think 40 can still win this competition.  So where does that leave me.  Well I don’t have extra time to go more to the gym, except for the two days that I have available to go in the morning, which I plan to do.  So I am hoping to increase the walks with the dog to add a little bit more, and I plan on trying to cut back on some of the calories.  Not drastically, but if I can get closer to 1000-1200 calories, instead of the 1200-1800 I was doing.  Maybe that can help get me back on track to win.

And the joourney continues…..

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