NF: Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese, what can I say.  Yes as a grown up I prefer the real homemade Mac & Cheese.  But as a kid and single guy, I ate it all the time.  So even though you might have a more sophisticated pallet, you might be feeding or thinking of feeding this to your kids,  1 cup prepared is 400 calories and a whole box is 1200.  I know when I was a teenager I could polish a whole box off if I wanted to,  I know kids and mac & cheese has to be one of the favorites.  So instead of mac and cheese being a meal, try it as a side and try to limit the portions.  And this is store brand – I would hate to see what Kraft was.  And my favorite was Velveeta shells & Cheese which isn’t any better.  What was your favorite food as a kid?

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And the journey continues…

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