Food for the soul

This is a transformation journey blog, so I want to step away from my health journey for one moment.  One of my favorite blogs – Project Light to Life post this following post on her bucket list blog, Pay for Someone Behind Me in a Drive-Thru Line.  Why is this relevant to our journey?  Because our journeys are mind, body and spirit.  And this fits in with transforming our spirit.  When we are on our journeys it is important that we not only focus on ourselves but others also.  And I believe that helping people or being truly kind to someone else boost not only our soul but the joy gives us an energy that you cannot obtain anyway else.  Especially when you get no credit for what you have done.  I am telling you it is better than anything you could ever put in your body.  A healthy soul will help you through dark times, unmotivated times.  It is a resource that goes untapped.  The same goes for the opposite, an unhealthy soul will drag you down,  So take a lesson from Christine and help out somebody.  It will help you more than you know and at the very least you will put a smile on somebody elses.  And don’t do just once, do it over and over again.

and the journey continues………

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4 Responses to Food for the soul

  1. Aw thanks so much John for the nice compliment! I really love what you’re doing with your blog 🙂

  2. glyn50 says:

    Blessings, John! I will keep you in my prayers as you continue your journey. Glyn

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