Half-way point of the Biggest Loser

So today was weigh-in day for the Biggest Loser competition at work.  But before I get to that, let me share last weeks leaderboard results.  I only know my results.  After week 1, I was 11th in total weight lost, and not in the top 15 in percentage.  After week 2, I moved up to 4th in weight lost, and I believe 8th in percentage.  My goal this week was 9.225 pounds. which would have put me at 22.32 total lost, and in 2nd place.  But like I told you before – I will give you the truth (good and bad, success and failure).  I did not make my goal, I didn’t even come close.  I only lost 4.2 pounds this week for a total of 17.3 pounds total, and in 4th place in the early returns.  I only worked out one last week, I let you guys down.  But the good news is that I am only 6 pounds away from 1st place, in the early returns.  I will say when I started in 11th place and heard that people were taking supplements and starving themselves, I didn’t think I had a shot to win it.  Knowing I am 6 pounds away, makes me believe I not only have a shot, I can win it.  Since this is the half-way mark, I believe 40-45 pounds will win this competition, there is a slight chance 35-40 wins it.  So at 17.3 pounds, to get to 40 pounds I need to lose an average of 7.57 pounds per week the next three weeks.

So at the half-way mark, how do I stand on my goals for this competition?  My original goal was 30 pounds over six weeks.  I am at 17.3 pounds which puts me at 57% of that goal.  Then I readjusted my goal to 50 pounds in six weeks. That puts me at 34.6% of that goal.  And to give you one last number, If I believe 40 pounds will win it.  17.3 puts me at 43.25%.  So what does that all mean.  It will be a major failure if I don’t lose 30 pounds.  Anything over 30 is not a major failure.  I will be disappointed but still happy with myself, If I don’t make 40 pounds, because I still have more than half of the total to go in three weeks.  I will be slightly disappointed  but very proud if I lose over 40 but don’t make 50 pounds.  If I make 50 pounds, no matter what the result of the competition is, I will be nothing but ecstatic, and beyond proud of myself, because I will know I did it the right way.  By the way to reach 50 pounds – I have to average a loss of 10.9 pounds over the next three weeks.

On my home scale, I am still in the 35-40 total pounds lost area.  But I also weigh myself first thing in the morning and not in uniform.

hopefully this was the motivation I needed.

And the journey continues……..

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