Who ever said exercising isn’t fun has not been to Six Flags

six flags six flags six flags six flags

Who said exercising can’t be fun, I say it can.  But I will get back to this in a second.  This has been an interesting week and an even more interesting day. Since I got laid-off from my second job, I have had some free time. My family had some free tickets to Six Flags, so I have gone three times in the last week and a half.  So yes I have made it to the gym only once this week, but that is because I took my exercising outside.  I decided to have fun and spend time with the family.  Is it as good and intense as the gym? No but that is alright. It is good to get out and enjoy yourself while having a good time.  You are still burning those precious calories, even though you are not at the gym.  Plus I had a great time, spending time with those I love.  After a year and a half of working seven days a week, having this three-day weekend was just what the doctor ordered. It was well worth it and I enjoyed it.  I will get back into the gym starting tomorrow.

I have lost between 5 and 10 pounds this week depending on the day.  I think it will be closer to the 5 come monday but I am hoping to be closer to 9, since that is my goal.  That puts my total weight loss between 35- 40 pounds.  I haven’t had the time to change my goals during this year yet but they will change.

In about two weeks, it will be a year since I drank soda, well today I broke that streak.  Don’t get upset, I am not at all.  First the cup could not have been more than 10 oz.  Second I only drank 4 – 6 Oz.  I was celebrating someone’s birthday at Old Country Buffet, and nothing wasn’t interesting me to drink, but the cherry coke was calling my name.  First I tried to do lemonade, maybe that would satisfy my craving.  It didn’t.  Then I thought to myself, let me try it, and guess what I didn’t like it.  It didn’t taste good to me.  It proves to me that I am changing.  I am letting go of my old self and embracing my new self.  I will celebrate in two weeks the day I gave up soda because it was the first day of my journey.

I have come a long way in almost a year, gave up soda, started exercising, trying to eat better (got a long way to go on this one) and I am seeing results and feeling good.  But I am a long way from where I need to be.  An incident today reminded me that even though I have come so far, I still have a long way to go.  I am not going into details, because I am not here to make someone feel bad or guilty, because the only one to blame for me being where I am is me.  And it was a hard truth to face today.  That the perception of my weight is holding things and people and opportunities from me.  For me it will be a reminder not to get comfortable because I lost a couple of pounds and it will drive me to work harder.  I will get there.

and my journey continues…

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