NF: Would you like fries with that?

English: McDonald's french fries on a white st...

English: McDonald’s french fries on a white stoneware plate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Would you like fries with that?  McDonald’s taught their employees to ask that every time someone orders a non meal.  McDonald’s French Fries, we all love them.  Kids love them, adults love them.  I love them.  We can’t resist them.  One large fry contains 500 calories.  That is a meal itself.  But it is always consumed with something else.  Listen I understand that in this world of fast paced society, we can’t eliminate fast food restaurants.  There will always be a need and desire for them.  And I don’t like that McDonald’s in making money off of making us fat.  But I am a realist and understand that McDonald’s is going nowhere.  Just because you are changing your eating habits doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge every ONCE IN A WHILE.  If you don’t make it an everyday habit and you understand what you are consuming, you can enjoy it.  I don’t like fast food, it is not even good quality food, but I do love my fries.  So when I have to go to fast food restaurants I make choices.  I choose the Mcdouble, because it is only 390 calories, and I split a large fry with someone else.  Before I would have had a quarter pounder with cheese at over 500 calories and a large fry at another 500 calories and my meal would have been over 1000 calories.  Now the 390 plus around 25o is about 650 calories.  No that still isn’t great but it is a lot better than over 1000.  For a 2000 calorie diet which is for an average person it is the difference of 1/3 compared to over 1/2.  Please do not take this the wrong way, This is not an endorsement to eat french fries or eat fast food.  This is just a realization of the culture we live in and a plea to make healthy choices.  Plus I can’t and wont tell you not to do something that I am doing.

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and the journey continues……

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