Iced Coffee

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I know it is summer time and hot.  I know that a lot of you love your coffee and what better way to get it in the summer.  260 Calories 45 grams of sugar and 140 mg of sodium.  The funny thing is that my idea for the week was regular coffee.  But when I was at the grocery store, there was no nutritional values on coffee beans.  So I found this.  I don’t know how it relates to regular coffee but I think it has to be close.  If any one has more info, please share.

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7 Responses to Iced Coffee

  1. I don’t believe coffee beans has calories. I’ve only ever counted the calories of what I put into the coffee, these days it’s unsweetened coconut milk and stevia. Way back in my Weight Watcher days coffee and tea were always free.

    • John says:

      Thanks Vicki, I did not know that. What is stevia?

      • Stevia is natural non-calorie sweetener, it’s a leaf that’s 200 x as sweet as sugar. In the U.S. Truvia is stevia but a really processed brand of it, I won’t use it. I get my stevia at natural food stores or, here in Canada, you can find natural brands of it in most grocery stores. It has a woody after taste so many people don’t like it. Once you get used to it it’s great. I bake with it too, though not all things. I prefer the liquid form of it because that’s what comes out of the leaf.

  2. Oh in this product the calories are milk or cream, sugar, cocoa and probably more

  3. Melissa T. says:

    I drink coffee without sugar.

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