Nutritional Fact: Wrap Vs Roll

Since I did a post on Wraps vs Rolls, I figured I better show it for the nutritional fact of the week.

Wraps (flour)

2013-07-03 10.41.342013-07-03 10.41.26

2013-07-03 10.43.052013-07-03 10.42.58


2013-07-03 10.45.232013-07-03 10.45.15

2013-07-03 10.46.382013-07-03 10.46.26

Wraps (Wheat)

2013-07-03 10.42.342013-07-03 10.42.23

And in case you were trying to figure out soft taco vs hard taco

2013-07-03 10.44.012013-07-03 10.43.49

I hope this helps you make better decisions.  I just didn’t want you to take what I said without some proof.  The rolls are fresh made rolls with not a long self life.  There are other rolls made by everyday companies like Mayer.  Those rolls contain high fructose corn syrup in them.  These rolls here do not.  And even though people may claim wheat is better for you, check it out yourself.

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