Opening yourself up for the positive things in life

Thanks to a friend posting on Facebook, I came across two videos from the website I have now become a huge fan of this website. The videos are not long 10 – 20 mins, at least that is what I have experienced.  Part of changing your life and getting the most out of the journey your on, is having a positive healthy mindset that allows you to grow. This website has some great videos showing people who have allowed there positive healthy mindset take them on their personal journeys.

One of the videos I saw was Shawn Achor.  I found his talk very interesting.  One thing he said was, “If we study what is merely average, then we will remain merely average“.  I find this true in life, like I have posted before – if you aim at nothing, your sure to hit it all the time.  If we shoot or devote ourselves to things that are average, then we are training our brain to shoot for average, but if we fill ourselves with the impossible and shoot for the impossible than we will aim for the impossible.  Not a guarantee that we can make the impossible happen, but we will sure try.  What I have found is the biggest limiter in our lives is ourselves.  We think we can’t do things, we sell ourselves short.  All my life, I told myself I could not live without soda, and one night August 4th, 2012, I changed that belief.  I said to myself I would not drink another soda.  And 11 months later, I have not touched a soda.  And for the most part, I have not even craved it.  Why?  It that one moment I taught my brain to do what I have been telling it, that is impossible.  That is transformation.  That is power.  I was set free.  In our daily lives, each day we tell ourselves we can’t do something.  But I can guarantee you one thing, there are things that you can do that you don’t think you can do – the only thing stopping you is yourself.

So how do I create an atmosphere where I am in a place to change my way of thinking, Shawn gives three ways train your brain to be more positive, do it for 21 days:

1.  everyday write down 3 new things your thankful for.

2.  write a journal about one positive experience each day.  (this will help you train your brain to look for positive things)

3.  write one positive email to someone in your social network.

Once your train your brain to search for positive things, you will start to embrace positive thoughts which can open you up to transforming your life and starting or changing or excelling you on your journey.  I wish you guys the best.  I believe in you.  You can do it.

And the journey continues…

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