Biggest Loser workouts

So I started the Biggest Loser on Monday and my goals were simply this, drink a shake in the morning, and nothing but water the rest of the day, and workout for an hour and a half 5 days a week. So here is my progress so far.

Monday – Drink shake in the morning, drink nothing but water, go to the gym and do 30 min elliptical, 30 mins abs, 15 min on bike. Go to the bar have one Malibu Bay Breeze ( which I downed because I had nothing sweet all day) and a cup of water. overall A-

Tuesday – Drink shake for breakfast, drink nothing but water, meet my kids at McDonald’s (I know don’t get me started), had 1 mcdouble and split a large fries, had 2 small orange drinks, water the rest of the day – no workout overall C+

Wednesday – Drink shake for breakfast, drink nothing but water (which I thought was going to be real hard), came home and drank a 12 oz brisk fruit punch, going to workout (when I get done this) Overall A-

disclaimer – I am still eating even though I did not list everything I ate. Not listing because it wasn’t part of my goals.

The water has been a little easier than I anticipated, but I very much crave sugar. I really do not feel like going to the gym tonight, but I know it is important. I am slightly worried about tomorrow but I am hoping it goes good. I did way myself today on one of the scales I have been using and it says I have lost 21 1/2 pounds but I am unsure because that is five pounds in three days. I know they are two different scales, so I will looking forward to seeing my first weigh-in at the biggest loser. Water might be a really big reason why, which is definitely going to help me to stick to that.

In other news: I think I am getting closer to having a recipe of the week and we might be getting a new section in our blog too, top-secret until all the plans are finalized. Also I have the nutritional fact of the week coming up, be sure to look for that.

And the journey continues……..

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