Wraps vs Rolls

If you have been following my post, I have been talking about me switching from hoagie rolls to wraps in an attempt for me being more healthier. At my job, this week I was telling someone exactly that. And they responded to me saying that there was no difference so I might as well eat the rolls, unless I was going to go to a multi-grain wrap. So I decided this morning and started to do some research. I got truly excited, because I knew what my post was going to be about today. I was going to blow your mind and tell you that rolls were actually slightly healthier than wraps. So when I came home it was all planned out. Then I remembered this cool website called foodfacts.com. SO I decided to check it out before I wrote this blog. And it didn’t make me happy. It didn’t give me all the answers I was looking for. I was able to find flour tortillas with fewer calories than I found before. The site didn’t have fresh made rolls, but they had pre-packaged rolls. And let me tell you they are bad. The one conclusion I have come to is to never buy those rolls. Not only are they horrible when it comes to calories and other nutritional facts, in the ingredients they contain high fructose corn syrup. One of the worst ingredients you can find and one I would have never guessed in rolls. So No prepackaged hoagie rolls. But that leaves us with the freshly bakes hoagie rolls vs wraps. At subway the wraps are usually higher than rolls. My conclusion is that there is not much difference, but one thing I am learning is pre-made vs fresh, fresh is always better for you. If I am going to go with the stay away from pre-packaged food, I guess I will go back to the rolls. There is one last option, and that is to go with neither. What is your opinion on this debate?

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