Other People’s Journey / 1000 hits

When I started to write this post, we were at 998 hits, by the time you are reading this we should be over the 1000 mark. I am truly thankful, grateful and completely humbled by this. I really never imagined anything like this was possible. The fact is that this thing is just beginning to grow, and I have been thinking a lot about where I have been and where I want this going. I had to move some things around so click on Other People’s Journey and that will tell you about some of the restructuring going on with others journey. I have done the same with the about my blog section. That will unclutter the top of the page, so I can add some new special features. I am hoping to add in the very near future, a recipe of the week and a nutritional fact of the week. I think they will be a hit. I am always trying to provide you guys with information along with personal experience. I am truly excited that we have come a very long way in a short period of time and I look forward to the wonderful things we will experience together.

On a personal note, I told you I was going easy this week. I do hope to get in at least a workout or two in before the end of the week. I normally work seven days a week, but took today off to do some things that were desperately needing attention around the house. After that, took my family and walked around the mall. But had a little set back when I ate at a buffet dinner, I had a couple of desserts, because I have missed them soooo much. I have been so good to not eat snacks and desserts, that I am not that upset with myself. Especially since my birthday is sunday, when I turn 38. But on a good note, for almost a week now, after dinner the family walks the dog together down the block and around the park. I would guess it might be a total of a 1/2 mile. Not much, but more importantly we are doing it as a family and I am teaching my kids that it is important to exercise.

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2 Responses to Other People’s Journey / 1000 hits

  1. jessicalong says:

    Love it! Keep going!

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