Biggest Loser 2 – here I come

Update on progress. I have been getting to the gym about 4 times a week. But I haven’t done much physical training, but I have been at least doing 2 miles or 25 – 35 mins on the elliptical. I know I need to do more than that so to help me focus, I have signed up for the biggest loser 2 at my job. It has nothing to do with the television show, sorry but I wont be on television. It is an in-house competition at work with some prizes on the line. My first weigh in is July 1st and it last six weeks. I plan to go to the gym at least for an hour or more five nights a week and almost give up drinking anything but water. During this busy time of the summer it should give me some extra motivation. I didn’t workout tonight, and I am going to miss tomorrow because I am hanging out with one of my best friends. So if this week is a little lighter in the workouts, I am not that worried because it is game on starting monday. I am not going to lie, we all want money, but I am really doing this to help with the extra motivation. Sometimes, even though I am not in a rush to lose all my weight in one week, it is hard keeping it going day after day. I understand why people go on diets, because it hard to change your lifestyle. Diets are easy, journeys are not. But you know what, the harder it is – the bigger the reward, and the happier you will be with yourself.

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