Planet Fitness: A judgment free zone

To be honest, this probably should have been the first link I added.  This place is a major reason, I am where I am today.  If it had not been built a little over two blocks away from my house, I might still be wandering aimlessly on my journey.  So in a small way, I owe them my life, or at least what I am gaining back of my life.  Planet Fitness is a great place for those who are just starting their journeys.  It is only 10 or 20 dollars a month (depending on which plan you want), an enrollment fee (which they run a lot of specials on) and a yearly renewal fee.  It is the judgement free zone.  The staff is great, always friendly and you even get use of their personal trainer on staff for free.  There are classes to help you get started and on your way.  They are located, most likely somewhere close to you, if in the US.  Their machines are clean and in very good shape.  I can not say enough good things about them.  If you are not currently a member at a gym, I recommend them to you.  A link has been added to the bottom of the page.

and the journey continues……..

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