One month special with Dr. OZ

While at my job today, I went into an office to fill up my water bottle and they had Dr. Oz on for the patients.  I don’t normally watch Dr. Oz but this little segment caught my eye.  He was talking about the effects of soda vs energy drinks on your teeth.  He went on to say that it takes eight cans of soda to start to take away some of the enamel that covers your teeth (which is what causes your teeth to be white) and he had two giant size replicas of two teeth.  He had some lady start pouring the cans of soda over the tooth.  You started to see if bubble and start to eat away at the tooth.  He then took one can of an energy drink and pour it over the other tooth and it just ripped right through it and the bubbles where going crazy.  He was saying that energy drinks are concentrate and have the ability to do a lot of damage, if you need that energy drink at least use a straw.  I just went on to his website to try to find a clip of it and had no luck, I will keep on searching and if I find it, I will post it for you.  I do plan on doing a post at some point on soda and energy drinks.

I had planned to talk about how it has been 1 month, since I started this blog, but actually it has been 1 month and 2 days.  But I will celebrate it anyway.  Over the last month we have gotten over 800 hits, have 15 people following this, have been seen in Canada, Germany, Australia, and Thailand.  Our three most popular pages/post are Who am I and how and why the journey began, Michelle’s Journey, and What a great day.  We have had three wonderful women tell their journeys; Michelle’s Journey, Jessica’s Journey, and Tips from Tia.  I have more journeys coming, which hopefully includes some men.  I am always looking to share others journeys, so please let me know if you are interested, I would love to share how you are transforming your life.  I also have added some helpful links and will continue to do so, if any are a favorite of yours and can be helpful to others, i would love to share.  We have gotten a handful of comments, likes and shares.  Please continue as it is always an encouragement to get feedback.

Finally, don’t forget to follow either by signing up with WordPress ( by doing this you don’t have to start your own blog) or follow me by email.  I hope you will continue on your journey and join me on mine and together we will do awesome things on our personal journey.   I hope I can continue to give hope, help motivate and encourage you on your journey and I will do my best to continue being as open and honest as I can be.

And one last thing, since the begining of my journey I have lost a little over 16 pounds!!

and the journey continues……

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5 Responses to One month special with Dr. OZ

  1. Bill says:

    Love it bud! I’ve had a crazy month but I promise I’ll get working on my story as you requested! Keep sharing yourself! I love when people allow others to get their world! Very authentic

  2. Maureen says:

    16 pounds is AWESOME, John!! I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started doing Slim in 6 with Shakeology, and I lost another 8 pounds just from cutting back calories the month before. I’m at 23 pounds down in two months! I know I can keep going with this, especially with the friends and family I have supporting me along the way. You can do it, too!! SO proud of you!

    • John says:

      Thank you Maureen for the nice comments and support. You can do this. If you want, you can write your story and what your going through and I can put it on this blog. I think people seeing different people going through things and each in a different ways gives hope and encouragement. Let me know

  3. Woah your blog is great i adore learning your content regularly. Stay inside the excellent work! You realize, lots of people are looking around for this data, you could potentially assistance them enormously.

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