McDonald’s, Subway, Walking Dead, say what?

So last week, my daughters asks me to take her to McDonald’s before school, because she would like a hash brown.  I say okay.  I get a Sausage McMuffin and a hash brown.  As I am eating, I notice the nutritional facts on the wrapper.  It was over 300 calories just for a piece of sausage, cheese and english muffin.  We all know that fast food is not good for us right?  Do we?  The fast food industry is a multi billion dollar industry.  If we all know that it is not good for us, then why do they make so much money?  Let us start with the first question.  Is fast food good for us?  You would think that most would know the answer to that is no.  The problem is that fast food industry has been trying to destroy that conception for a long time and I believe they have for a lot of people.  Fast food places are serving “healthier” choices and selections all the time, so they can’t be that bad.  And if you asked 100 people, which fast food restaurant was healthier for you and you gave them McDonald’s or Subway to choose from, well that would be just too easy right.  Its subway in a landslide right?  Well you could google that exact question and you would get a ton of articles that would save about the same thing as this:  Neither is better, in fact in the article just listed above in average the teenagers they studied ate a little over 1000 calories at McDonald’s compared to slightly less than 1000 at subway.  Almost identical.  But most people probably choose subway over other fast food choices because it is “healthier”.  The sad part is if you are on a 2000 calorie day, you lost 1/2 your daily needs in one sitting.  They have blurred the answer of whether it is good for us to have.  And once you’re in the store, they give you unlimited refills on soda and soft drinks, and ask you if you would like fries with that.  And who can turn down fries.  I can have some fries because I am eating this healthy salad with greasy chicken.

I grew up loving fast food, and even the last couple of years when the mayor of Philadelphia wanted to impose a soft drink tax, I was against anything that would take away my choice to enjoy the foods and drinks I love.  Why should I have to pay a tax, why do I need to eat healthy.  I was addicted to the taste of Mt.dew, and of my favorite fast foods restaurants.  I lived for the days we would eat out as a family.  But I was like everyone else sold on by these companies that I needed their product.  And when I heard California was trying to get fries and toys out of happy meals, I said how dare them.  I was wrong, I can’t believe I am saying it, I was wrong.  We are as a nation headed in a wrong direction.  We are teaching our kids that fast food is an acceptable way of everyday eating.  I am wrong as a parent.  My children deserved better.  We have a food addiction here in the United States and we are blind to it.

I normally drink an Atkins shake in the morning, which is a 160 calories, that morning I put around 500.  I was disgusted.  The hard part comes now, I have already taught my kids, fast food is good.  Now I got to tell them, that daddy failed them and lied to them,  fast food is not good.  Does that mean you never, can eat fast food again.  No, but if everyone just ate fast food once in a blue moon, then they would closed down.  But they won’t because we don’t have the will power to over-come it or do we?  One of my favorite shows is “The Walking Dead”.  It is a show about the zombiepost-apocalyptic world.  In the show, everyone has been exposed to a disease that eventually turns people into zombie.  Sometimes, when it comes to health, and healthy living – we are zombies.  We don’t care what we are putting into our bodies.  We just stuff ourselves with what ever is in front on us or what ever is the easiest.  Maybe the disease is fast food or the lack of healthy living.  Where are we going to allow our bad habits to take us?  Fast food restaurants are happy making billions off you, killing yourself.  Questions is what are you going to do about that?

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3 Responses to McDonald’s, Subway, Walking Dead, say what?

  1. Michelle says:

    Definitely!! We live in a society where the majority of people believe eating fast food is okay. I had the same struggles with my kids when all my health issues went down. Now they are allowed fast food once per month and they chose the 15th of every month. I actually think it is more enjoyable and special now. Love this article.

  2. Maureen says:

    I grew up not eating fast food very much, but I probably had it more than my older siblings because, after all, with five kids sometimes it was just quicker and easier to grab some burgers at McDonald’s than to cook at home, especially factoring in the cleaning up of the dirty dishes and counters afterwards. I still find myself occasionally craving fast food, but instead of cutting it out completely, I tell myself “no” the first couple of times I think of it. If, after a couple of days, I’m still wanting a McDouble, I’ll go ahead and get one. It usually kicks my craving, and then I can go back to eating what I normally do. It usually only happens once a month…if you catch my drift. I don’t recommend that for everyone, but for me, I don’t beat myself up over it. I also avoid the fries and usually the hash browns too.

    • John says:

      I agree Maureen, you don’t have to give anything totally. As long as it is in moderation, it is fine. I just think society has been brain washed into thinking it is okay and they lie and make you believe it is healthy for you.

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