Out with the old / in with the new

What a great weekend!  I have been for a while noticing that my clothes have been getting bigger on me, so on saturday I decided to go to wardrobe to see about getting a smaller uniform.  So first I tried the vest, they didn’t have the next size down so I tried two sizes down.  It fit but was tight, and thought I should wait a little bit longer.  So then I asked about the shirts.  I tried the next size down and it was still pretty big on me.  Then I put the next size down and it fit a lot better.  Two sizes down on the shirt, and almost two on the vest.  I am feeling really, really good.  And of course it was Father’s day this past weekend, so that made it a really great weekend.   Today in the monthly newsletter at my job, they were advertising that they would be doing the biggest loser 2 at my job.  This is not the TV show, but an in-house version to encourage healthier living, and it comes with prizes.  I am contemplating entering in it.  It would give me some extra motivation over the summer.

As this past weekend was Father’s day, and being as I am a father.  I started thinking, has the role of fathers today changed?  In the past the men where the bread winners of the family and for most families the only bread-winner.  The fathers job was to provide financially and fix things that broke, while the womans job was to take care of the children and most didn’t work.  When I grew up my was home until us boys were old enough to take care of ourselves.  Today seems to be a different story, in a lot of households both parents are working and working full-time jobs at that.  What does that it mean for us father’s?  How is our roles in the family changing.  It is something that I am trying to grasp everyday, but seems foreign from what I was taught.  Being on a journey does not limit it to health only.  Our marriage, our children all need to be benefiting from this.  So as we continue with making ourselves better physically, let us not forget the family and legacy that we have at home.

And the journey continues…….

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2 Responses to Out with the old / in with the new

  1. Aunt Loretta says:

    Oh Johnny, I am so very proud of you!!!! Do the contest. At the very least, you will have a story to tell later in life. I think that you are a wonderful husband and father. first because you have taken this journey to lose weight and get healthy for yourself and for them. second your darling ladies adore you… so, you must be doing something right.
    Times and roles always change. even on a daily bases. Love is the most important thing you can possibly give them. If there is bread on the table, it doesn’t matter who put it there…. it was by the grace of God.
    After that, if the dishes need to be done, spend time with the girls doing them. That way your multi-tasking and networking with them all at the same time. (quality time) Put joy in everything you do, remember God loves a joyful giver. Giving your time to meet others need, is a great gift.
    What better legacy than to hear “my dad and I were always happy when we were together”

    I love you very much John
    Aunt Loretta

    • John says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Aunt Lorretta, you are so right. Keep an eye out today, I will be adding Michelle’s journey and you will want to read this.

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