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30-day AB challenge

One of my friends at work is doing this, I thought I would share it incase any one else was looking for something new to add to their workouts.  If you do it please let me know how it went … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser, Birthday and Water

So today is my 38th birthday.  I haven’t done much but that is perfectly great with me.  Time off with the family is exactly what the doctor ordered.  But tomorrow is the big day.  The biggest loser starts at my … Continue reading

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Contact Me / Disclaimers

Contact Me / Disclaimers.

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Tastykake Raspberry Danish Twist Nutritional Facts

I used to love eating these! Especially the big box of these, My family could easily eat a whole box in one sitting. Just think one of these things are not going to fill you up and it is 410 … Continue reading

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Wraps vs Rolls

If you have been following my post, I have been talking about me switching from hoagie rolls to wraps in an attempt for me being more healthier. At my job, this week I was telling someone exactly that. And they … Continue reading

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Other People’s Journey / 1000 hits

When I started to write this post, we were at 998 hits, by the time you are reading this we should be over the 1000 mark. I am truly thankful, grateful and completely humbled by this. I really never imagined anything like … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser 2 – here I come

Update on progress. I have been getting to the gym about 4 times a week. But I haven’t done much physical training, but I have been at least doing 2 miles or 25 – 35 mins on the elliptical. I … Continue reading

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Planet Fitness: A judgment free zone

To be honest, this probably should have been the first link I added.  This place is a major reason, I am where I am today.  If it had not been built a little over two blocks away from my house, … Continue reading

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One month special with Dr. OZ

While at my job today, I went into an office to fill up my water bottle and they had Dr. Oz on for the patients.  I don’t normally watch Dr. Oz but this little segment caught my eye.  He was … Continue reading

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McDonald’s, Subway, Walking Dead, say what?

So last week, my daughters asks me to take her to McDonald’s before school, because she would like a hash brown.  I say okay.  I get a Sausage McMuffin and a hash brown.  As I am eating, I notice the nutritional facts on the … Continue reading

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