JEFit App

On of my hopes and goals of this blog is to be an information forum where we can share some of the great resources that we have. One of these resources is Apps. One really cool app that I just started playing around with is JEFIT. It is a workout app on your phone or mobile device. It allows you to set up your own routine or use an existing routine created by them or other users. You should change your routine around 6 weeks and the cool things is that with the 1000’s of routines available to you, you will never be at a lost for what to do. It has different levels, so no matter what skill level you are at, there is stuff for you. It also allows to keep track of your reps on your device. and it even acts like a timer in between apps. I found out this app from my good friend Robert, Thank you Robert. If there is a great device that you use please share it with us here. I have added a link for JEFIT at the bottom of the page where it says Friends/Links. I use to computer when searching through the routines and use my device while I am working out. And the Journey continues……

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