I’m Moving

I am sorry to say but I will not be blogging from this page anymore.  I have moved over any of the important post to my new site.  I am still on wordpress, but just needed a fresh start.  If you have followed me in the past please come over and check out my new site.  Thank you.


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Your chance to tell your story / Health open forum

This blog was always about our journeys.  So even though I haven’t shared others journeys in a while.  I would like to share yours.  It is your chance to guest blog on this blog.  If you have a health journey you would like to share with others, please go to the contact me page and contact me through one of the options.  If you have a health blog (and for this post – please limit to health blogs, I will delete those that are not health blogs) feel free to share a link in the comment section to your blog or share a link to a post on your blog or just tells us a little about your self.  I want this blog to get back to the basics of being a health blog, so that is the reason for limiting it to health blogs or post.  Thank you and hopefully you can use this to make some new connections.

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Here we go again

Before I get into the post title, let me tell you that the about pages have been updated.  Now let us get to business.  I really want to get healthy again, so I am going back to the basics – I drank my last can of soda tonight and I am back to drinking water and no soda.

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Brain Scan.. Not as pretty as my artwork…

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Dearest friends, fans, FAMILY!
Please reblog, share, tweet, FB, you name it!

Over the years it has been my freehand spray paint artwork that many of you are accustomed to seeing.  There will be more but for now, there is this.  My wife and I are working hard on keeping you up to date.  We are blown away by the more than 60K followers who show there support to us daily on the blog and other social media platforms!

So, here is a scan of my brain and the Tumor is circled. Its bigger than first thought.  On the 9th I have one more MRI w/ spectroscopy to determine the rate of growth and cell types.  Then it gets really hairy.

Ray Brain

I am doing the best I can to be in good spirits and will continue to strive! It really helps knowing I have touched so many people with my artwork…

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Thank You and Happy New Year

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Benjamin Watson’s unique view on Ferguson

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For A Friend – The Mark Lanzilotti Project

I was talking to a friend today at work and she was asking how do you get information out so that everyone can see it.  I told her through social media and blogs.  She has posted it on her Facebook page but didn’t have any other social media to expose it to her.  I told her that I would gladly post it on my blog.  She is trying to help get clemency for a young man she knew.  I am not posting this and asking that you support this cause, but what I am asking is that you take a  look at the link below and read about this man and make up your own mind about whether or not you want to support this project.  I asked that you also pass this along on your social media sites and ask people to make up their own minds.  Thank you for taking your time and looking at this.

P.S. She also told me that if you do sign the petition – you will be directed to another page asking for donations, but you do not have to give.


I have never asked anyone to re-blog any of my post, but to help my friend spread this word –  if you are a blogger, would you please consider re-blogging this on your page.  Thank you so much.


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11/05 – quick update

I just wanted to tell you, day 1 – I felt sluggish, day 2 (yesterday) – felt better, day 3 – felt good.  I have just started my come back journey.  And step 1 is drinking water and trying to make better choices.  I have to say I am feeling good and excited about the this new journey.  Just wanted you to know that I am working hard.

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A New Journey

I told you in my last post that I was wanting to start getting healthy again.  Well today I started back on my journey to get healthy again.  I started to drink water again.  All day at work, even though I can get soda for free, I choose to drink water.  I also am trying to make the right choices again.  Except for dinner – I did pretty good.  And I am drinking the last 24 oz of soda I have in the house.  I am even out of tea mix, so the only sugar drink is the 1 1/2 of tea and I will not have anymore sugar drinks in my house.  Today I felt very sluggish throughout the work day.  But I know it will get easier and easier.  I know it is not a lot but I am excited to get back to getting me healthy again.

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A tribute to man’s best friend, may you RIP

A must read

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